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Back to studies after a weekend break.

What I find wrong with myself when doing Largo Status RESULT oriented exercises.
– After doing Largo Singing C’s for an hour (with breaks of course!) I feel some tired feeling around my mouth (nothing new for me here).
– After a break when continuing with Largo Status (long tones, slurred steps, chromatics) due to tiredness in my embouchure muscles I cannot perform these exercises with the intended quality – that is with ‘Beautiful’ sound. My sound is muffled.

Here I also find nothing new to me: I’ve always had poor endurance. Mind you! – I DO take good deep relaxed BCH breaths, do my ALL WindWorks exercises with CLOSED EYES!
However – there is one thing I’m not quite sure about yet. Sometimes (but when I’m a little fresher in the beginning of the exercises) with some adjustments in the embouchure SHAPE I can find a better resonant tone on some tones BUT – I have to make conscious adjustments to my lips.
NO – I don’t manipulate anything below (all in the PASSIVE RELEASE mode) but I DO have slightly manipulate my embouchure SHAPE to find the center of notes. However – being a little more tired in the embouchure this doesn’t seem to work.

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