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Ronald Carson

Warning: I am not certified in any health field.

Most likely, you are okay. I am assuming that the swelling is not permanent. Rest those chops and apply cool, wet rag with some ice tucked into the rag. Be sure not to give yourself an ice “burn”. I suggest 5 minutes of applying ice. You can repeat after the affected area warms. This is most effective immediately after an injury.

I doubt that you have done any significant injury unless the persistent swelling or numbness. Another concern would be any pain in the affected area. Should you feel pain when you do the WindWorks exercises, STOP. You might need a professional medical diagnosis.

A day or two of rest should be sufficient for most swollen lips. When the swelling is down, start WindWorks from the beggining.

If you experience problems, post a video of yourself playing WindWorks material.

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