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I switched from the 1.5C noted above to a Bach Commercial 3MV, which has a shallow cup, a couple months ago. I thought I would try to find a brighter mouthpiece that might be easier to play high on to complement the 1.5C, which I would use for other stuff.

I didn’t like the 3MV, but liked it better than the 3E I tried before, which is even shallower, and figured it would be good to learn how to play on it–perhaps it would help me play more efficiently. I played it exclusively for a month or two, then recently switched back to the 1.5C and just feel and sound a lot better on that. It is a different sound and I do like the bright sound for some things as well, but the 1.5C just has a great sound.

For some reason, I felt like experimenting a bit more recently so I ordered a Bach 1.25C and Bach 1. Like when I ordered the 1.5C, I was pretty confident that this would just be an experiment and that the result would be my trying to return one or both and confirming that they are way too big.

I received them yesterday and played them yesterday for a good while and again today and I like them even more than the 1.5C. The 1.25C and 1 have different rims, one is sharper than the other but I like them both even more than my 1.5C.

And I’m pretty sure the 1, the biggest, is my favorite–I found myself playing that one the most today. I didn’t do a range study or anything or try to hit high notes; it’s obviously not built for that, but even my range seemed better on it.

Sometimes when playing above the staff, my sound was getting thin occasionally on my prior mouthpieces but on the 1 the notes above the staff felt easier, more assured and were fuller and more resonant than I think I’ve ever played them.

This seems counter-intuitive to me again, like my experience above. I was jokingly thinking in my mind that perhaps I need to try Greg’s Trombone mouthpiece on a trumpet idea…

I suspect what may be happening, is that the larger diameter and cup are somehow allowing me to get away with manipulating my embouchure somehow that the smaller diameter mouthpieces don’t let me get away with. And, the larger diameter MP probably have more open throats which perhaps tolerate over-blowing more–perhaps I’m over-blowing the smaller mouthpieces.

Has anyone else experienced this or have any ideas regarding what I’m experiencing?

Today, I brought out a number of mouthipeces and alternated amongst my Bach 1, 1.25C, 1.5C, 3C, 3MV, 3E and even a 10.5C. I didn’t do a thorough test, but was able to play low F# up to High C, D or E on them all. The shallower pieces did feel a little more efficient on the high notes, but the 1.25C and 1 allowed me more sound/resonance–I haven’t played that loud since my marching band days, they are really open.

I did notice when trying to play a full song (Star Spangled Banner) on the Bach 1 that I did start to “feel it” towards the end even though I wasn’t playing high–I played it straight. Whereas when I was playing little snippets of songs / screwing around, I felt and sounded better than perhaps ever. I didn’t try to play too high much, but did get up to a G or A above High C once even on the Bach 1 just doing harmonic slurs; it seemed easier than its felt on the 1.5C or 3MV lately.

I figure I’ll just enjoy the mouthpieces and use them–if they work for me, then they work I guess, even if it doesn’t seem to make sense. Plus, playing a washtub mouthipece will probably make me stronger for when I do play a smaller/shallower mouthpiece, which I do plan on alternating with–I think I recall Greg recommending playing WW on the biggest piece you can…

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