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Hi John
Thanks for this long reply. Clearly compared with you i am an absolute beginner!!½ I have now downloaded that app .. my initial starting point is this not for me but I m going to give it a go! Good points you make about sound.. I have a you tube recording of Nakariakov playing Apres un reve easy piece.. highest note is a D in the staff so I use it just (well not just!) for my tone. In terms of the hard piece I have Gounod AveMaria where the highest note is an A immediatly above the staff. This in the last 6 months has just about got into my zone.. ie I can play it nicely 7 times out of 10.. so you can see I have long way to go.. at the moment will hit a high c on a slur easier enough but not in a line of of music – I see that taking at least 1 year from now… but don’t be afraid to tell me I’m wrong!
I do have an Arban but in my whole playing life 3 years – only spent 20 minutes total in any advice which would be the section/pages I should start with? I do appreciate for example Bryan Davis Airflow music and his free weekly technical studies – is the Arban better than this?

Very good intell about the pedal c and then feeling how little tension needed to go higher.. somehow my intuitiion tells me that in all sorts of ways.. none of which I can get my head around.. .. pedal tones can be the key to unlocking the trumpet for me !

Learning from yesterday
Free effortless blowing (which results in very light buzzing) on a trumpet mouth piece top.. (from a modular mp..) both before and after playin.. and lots of it (when reading or watching tv) .. very soft.. including pedal tone embourchure.. .. seesm to energize my lips when I go to pick up the trumpet..maybe I need to log the trumpet top time on your app…!!
cheers for now.. stay safe steve

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