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Lawrence Killian

Good Morning, I too have got to the stage of davelee0003. Although this is only after two weeks using WindWorks.

All went amazingly well to begin with then, after a really poor day when I could hardly form an embouchure, I did a restart and am now working on the initial Mmm Ooh Aah – tissue-blowing (lips alone, visualiser, then mouthpiece to lead pipe) and the feel is coming back again.

What is so frustrating is that, before I stopped playing in my mid twenties, I remember feeling as though I was gripping (outwards) the inner rim of the mouthpiece when rising above the stave. I have only felt that occasionally, probably when everything was working subconsciously, since I started playing again 12 years ago after a 20 year break.

So I am determined to stick with this bit by bit and expand upwards steadily as johnelwood is saying. With orchestras and groups not running at the moment, I have found that I am overdoing the technical development work at the expense of playing music because I have so much time to devote to it.

Johnelwood’s advice: “It’s not Strength that you need to build, it’s coordination, relaxation, patience.” sums up where I am at ….. especially the “patience” bit. I am sure that this will pay off in time, just need to stick with it.

Thank you both for your input, it has helped me to recognise where I am at ……. today.

PS I am recommending WindWorks to all my ex-pupils ……. a superb and unique resource for all wind players, especially trumpet players.

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