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I just started WindWorks a few days ago. Greg’s approach makes sense to me. I get my technical practice elsewhere (Clarke, etc.) WindWorks is complementary to that.

There are two ideas I’m finding particularly useful. The first is the distinction between process-driven and results-driven exercises. I’ve never done process-driven exercises before, practicing a technique without caring about the result. That is very liberating.

The second is the open aperture. When I do Greg’s low C/C#/F# “singing” exercise I’ve been permitting myself to open up to where it feels like I’m playing in the red, adjusting only the aperture. It feels much easier. My problem has always been clamping down, jamming the mouthpiece against the lips and–if I’m lucky–blatting out an occasional high C.

Of course I’m only down in the low register now. Whether I can extend Greg’s approach upwards remains to be seen…

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