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Greg Spence

jutta.spaniol Consider this… aaaaaaaaah = no tension in the aperture corners – ooooooooh = a degree of tension in the aperture corners. “How much tension?” you might ask, that is really of no concern. You will find the optimum amount of aperture corner firmness by working through the exercises and improving flexibility using the Practice Progress Charts.

wjtakacs You have been a wonderful player for many years and a prime example of a killer player who is frustrated. Don’t forget that rewiring happens over a long period of time. When you say loose and open “compared to what I am used to”, if it felt familiar, you are probably doing the same thing therefor getting the same result. There must be a difference and over time, the mind will be calm with it.

PLEASE keep doing the aaaahoooh and leadpipe daily, even if there is no sound. Might seem like a waste of time BUT that feeling of freedom is how I want you playing and over time it will morph into your regular playing. You are developing a sensation (a feeling) and a new psychology (idea) about how to play and how it should feel. Over time, minute changes will take place without you even knowing it and when you surrender to the process and stop fighting it, both physically and mentally, the result will happen.

The frustration will be that as you go through this process, you will become more aware of your inefficiencies and manipulation. That is OK, remember, critical awareness of the problem is half the solution. Just say to yourself, “it’s ok, I’m working on it”. Please read Zen in the Art of Archery. Don’t get hung up on the no sound on the leadpipe thing. It will come. Keep working through the course, doing the humming, reminding yourself, “the lips interact with the air as if they are the vocal cords”. Never Never Never Quit!

rwcarson11 Many thanks for your enthusiasm and posts really helping share the information. You seem to have a wonderful grasp of where I am coming from. All the best.

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