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I think technically what Morrison is saying in that video contradicts what Greg explains.

Morrison obviously has forgotten more about playing trumpet than I’ll ever know and is probably one of the greatest, most naturally talented players ever. And he endorses WindWorks, so I could be wrong.

But, in this video, he recommends using Air to play higher, not changing Shape.

The problem with that recommendation, in my humble opinion, is how do you play high softly? Watch Jim Wilt’s videos on YouTube for example–nothing as high as Morrison, but he’s playing above the staff with apparent ease.

Perhaps Morrison is talking about the extreme upper register and I am taking the video out of context.

I believe that Morrison’s recommendation likely would cause many players to bang their heads against the proverbial wall, like I did for many years.

In my opinion, the genius of WindWorks is the statements that “Shape Changes Pitch”; Air is for Volume and Long Notes.

Separating Air from Shape to achieve pitch change is what ended my purgatory in endless Clarke scales trying to use more air, build muscle, etc.

No offense to Morrison, Gordon and others out there, but those recommendations in my experience do more harm than good.

Ultimately, I do believe that Morrison, Gordon and others all actually play the same way, they just have different ways of explaining what they’re doing.

I like what Morrison says at the end of the video, which is key–that we should be using the muscles surrounding the embouchure to do the work. I think that makes sense.

But focusing on Air seems to me to be a dangerous approach, one that failed me.

My $.02 FWIW

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