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Thanks so much Ronald!

Your explanation with the leadpipe having a wider aperture sounds spot on. I especially liked playing the lower notes as that made the leadpipe sound more full and resonant..

I will follow your advice on what to practice and work my wa to a more effortless low C. I have a degree in physiotherapy so I and wholeheartedly agree with systematic approach and practicing short periods several times a day when possible. It’s simply the quickest way to learn new motoric skills 🙂

I have a Herco cleaning set that came with spitballs. The instructions were to use them once a week, is that what you do? I ended up buying a new trumpet. It’s a student model but I paid less and somehow felt more secure with a new instrument from a reputable shop. If Yamaha student trumpets are anywhere close to in quality with their student drums I’m sure it’ll serve me for a long time. I’ve had some problems with the third valve getting stuck every now and then. I wonder whether this is something that could happen with new valves..? I’ve followed Yamaha’s maintenance instructions but I’m a bit unsure whether the valve oil should go inside the valve where the spring is, to the part with the spring opening or to the casing below that. So i’ve oiled them all… I sent an email to the seller informing them about the issue in case I need to send it back for warranty.

Thanks again,

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