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Glad to hear things are working better, Paul.

It sounds to me like you’re very attuned to what’s going on physically in your embouchure and I think awareness is a good thing.

I have found it helpful to keep Sound in mind and observe how changes I make while I’m releasing air through the instrument change the sound, better or worse, and how I can make changes that make it easier to change pitch with less effort.

I have also found it useful to watch / listen to videos of other trumpet players, as I don’t take lessons or play in a group. Someone mentioned that Jim Wilt (LA Phil) posts YouTube videos most days and have found those very useful as Jim has a great sound and seems to play with relative ease even above the staff.

I have found this a useful thing to keep in mind and am developing my own sense of my sound and how it feels for me to play and am finding that I’m developing my own new set of ideas / memories of what playing means, which is very exciting. I suppose it the “two buildings” analogy that Greg refers to. I am definitely liking my new “building”!

It is important not to be at either extreme–not try to understand WHAT we’re supposed to do logically, mechanically, and just do what others tell you to do or play mindlessly or over analyze every movement you make–that can be a tough tailspin to get out of. Keeping Sound, feeing and Music in mind / present each day to “check-in” (what Can you do, what Can’t you do and what can you partially do) and keep ourselves honest–easy to get either delusions of grandeur or not give ourselves credit for great progress / ability.

At times, especially in the beginning of WindWorks, I overdid the setup and exagerrated the “aperture corners” engagement. Once I started using Sound and feeling/efficiency as guideposts and slowing things down at times and focusing on the sound / feeling, I started making huge strides and my mind/body figured out the WHAT (or at least filled in the gaps) while I was focusing on the Sound and feeling.

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