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Adrian Hicks

“Before taking your lessons, in the past I have felt I can play high notes and in fact all notes better if I setup a little to the right of centre. Does this seem like a good idea? Thanks for your help.”

Hi lyndaarmstrong07,

IMHO Claude Gordon demonstrates that mouthpiece placement is not critical, just find your
sweet spot. Terryl Stafford played with the weirdest embouchure I have ever seen. When I met him years ago he said that he tried to ‘centre it’ many times and it was nothing but heartache. He played off centre and pulled it across.

Jon Faddis also plays with an off centre embouchure. Both Terryl and Jon seem to place of centre then pull their top lip across to centre. You can see a ‘fold’ of lip on one side.

Trust me, don’t worry about it and just follow Greg’s method word for word. It ‘wind’works!

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