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Okay, here’s an update. It has been more than 18 months. I have been through physical therapy, speech therapy, and I even did some Alexander technique lessons. I learned that I was living in the end of expiration and never inhaling a full breath. Therefore I was constantly compressing the ribs and body just even to speak. It took significant PT and stretching just to even take a “normal” breath. There has definitely been improvement in the speaking realm.

I now have success making a low pedal tone on the lead pipe and on the trumpet (tuning slide out like a lead pipe and full instrument). However, I am still unable to play a low C after all this time without the pinching and pushing. It feels great on the pedal tones, and any lip movement never increases my pitch. I can play a low C and other lower register notes only with applying too much force.

I believe I do not understand the shape of a low C. I have watched videos over and over, and there are a few where Greg confirms that the AhhOoo is a pedal tone, and he demonstrates briefly a low C embouchure. I do not see a dedicated video on embouchure formation likely because his method is much deeper. Unfortunately I am still unable to find it for myself. It is honestly quite frustrating that I am unable to even start the course material correctly, but I have not given up.

Does anyone have any advice for forming a basic low C embouchure WindWorks style? How much tension does one feel in the corners? How much pressure on the mouthpiece? Etc.

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