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I learned something today on this which I thought was interesting–I have been playing with a tuner ever since realizing that I’m playing very sharp.

When I warm up, I’m pretty in tune on most notes. And when I ascend chromatically, I can keep things pretty much in tune.

But when I play a middle C the way it feels naturally without ascending up to it, it is very Sharp and things get sharper from there.

When I ascend chromatically from the low register, I can keep things in tune, but when I come in at a middle C or higher, I’m sharp despite feeling fine–it actually feels better to play it a little sharp than when I try to relax it back into being in tune.

It’s interesting. I’m going to keep at it. I’m hoping in time, I learn to play those notes in tune comfortably / naturally without having to look at a tuner.

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