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Hi Cal, once you have the concept of an unforced release covered, I’ll get you to consider 2 things:
1. A breath attack, no tongue at all
2. A yaya note.

The strength of the articulation is dependent on the degree of pressure build up behind the tongue.

Clearly simply saying yaya will not encourage an audible articulation, however when yaya approaches zsha zsha and tya tya the degree of air pressure build up behind the tongue increases and at some point a light, subtle and super fast articulation will happen.

This is along the line of simply flicking the air as mentioned beautifully above. I recommend experimenting with varying degrees of pressure behind the tongue but be sure that doesn’t encourage a kick from the body, it is all tongue controlled using passive reduction.

A GREAT EXERCISE FOR ALL (The Alphabet video is coming)

With your eyes closed and some relaxed spare time, go through your alphabet really, really, really, really, super slowly. With EYES CLOSED and MEGA SLOW, discover how your mouth SHAPE changes – lips, tongue etc – to create the sounds we recognise as vowels and consonants.

An awareness of:
1. The ease of doing this physically
2. The anatomical movements involved in creating different timbres will further encourage your efficiency and respect for the importance of SHAPE.

TAKE YOUR TIME – EYES CLOSED (just in case I forgot to mention this) 😂

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