#wihsc – Week 1

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Welcome to the WindWorks International HARMONIC SLUR Challenge.  You are going to improve your technical development with this simple yet revolutionary process.



This amazing challenge is suitable for all players, beginner to pro, of all ages and instruments, no matter what kind of music you like to play; easier playing is easier playing!


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  •  Print Out Your Practice Progress Chart (PPC) Here or sign up to the FREE WindWorks Largo Status Stage to use the interactive digital PPC’s.
  • Days 1 – 2:  Fill out your Practice Progress Chart.  Tick as many boxes as possible.
  • Play each TEMPO (speed) for as LONG (duration) as you can and tick the appropriate boxes.
  • Day 3 – 7:  Tick at least two boxes a day; aim for at least one DURATION and one TEMPO improvement.
  • Day 7:  Print your Week 1 PPC and put it in an envelope; you are not going to read it again until the end of the challenge.
  • Find your speed and breath control limits then on a daily basis, aim to beat your previous personal best.



(excerpt from the Largo status Stage) 

You are here so you must be serious about getting great results; PRACTISE LIKE A VIRTUOSO!

    1. You are learning new sensations and ideas about efficient playing.  You will have new feelings and a refined psychology about the process of sound production.  Based on these new ideas, feel free to experiment and find what works for you.  There is no ONE ONLY WAY to learn to play!
    2. Wake up with the urge to fill out more boxes in the Practice Progress Charts.  Be obsessed.  Be virtuosic.
    3. The 1% Rule – “Can I get 1% more sound out of my body by doing 1% less work?”  Increasing the TEMPO and DURATION of the PPC’s requires a relaxed, efficient playing technique.  Start by taking a full breath and freely humming or singing the best sound you can.  Then use the process of elimination to find how to do less work for more sound.  Remember, vocal cords under strain and too much air flow reduce the resonance of the body; this in turn affects the sound of your instrument.  Find the 1% Rule and many others in the FREE Largo Status Stage



  1. Eliminating over exertion and negative tension
  2. Structured, optimal practise routine
  3. Constant efficiency and range development
  4. No wasting time wondering what to practise
  5. Constantly pushing your boundaries and smashing P.B’s
  6. Preparation for the Foundation Level Completion


  1. Choose you desired tempo on the metronome
  2. How fast can you go?  Find your speed limit – work on your flexibility
  3. Watch the clock
  4. How long can you play for?  Find your time limit – work on breath control
  5. Sound must remain free and resonant throughout!



Play Both Notes With Valves 2 and 3


Play Both Notes In 5th Position


WindWorks International Harmonic Slur Challenge #WIHSC

Set a metronome tempo and use the clock to see how long you can go for.


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Aim to tick a new box every day!!!