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    Passive vs Active. How does the feeling in the body change as you move from passive below 3rd space C or so into active as you progress higher? What should I be feeling in the torso/lungs/tummy as I play to the end of a phrase/exercise or move from softer to louder?

  • Been on the lip buzzing this since November 2018. It has never happened. Maybe a bit at first, but I was not forming the lips properly. Since seeing one of your recent videos on getting the air and lips to form and work properly and working extensively with the tissue and visualizer, there is no sense the lips are even close to buzzing as you show…[Read more]

  • As I progress through the Moderato stage we are getting into A/Bb with crescendos to F & FF. Should I be feeling “active” as I get louder? If so, what should I be feeling inside the body and where? Am I feeling the abdominal muscles contract now to create the “active” push of the air? I am confused, I think….


  • I think I am experiencing this to a degree. After taking my breath with the backswing and working to allow the air to naturally move out of the body and into the instrument I find there is quite a bit of air high in the lungs that just won’t come out with some sort of serious engagement of the body’s muscular structure. It does not cause any…[Read more]

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