• Since I started on MTM, I have started to use my jaw and cheeks more. I try to engage my corners but when I try to play higher, it seems like my whole face pushes inwards to support the corners. I even feel my cheeks pushing on my teeth.

    After a day when I play more than an hour, I can sometimes feel pressure to my right ear almost like I have an…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the answer, I am also not sure about option a… maybe someone else has feedback on it.

  • I have the same problem with cheeks jaws. I read research from pops on tensionless playing. His findings are that most professional players don’t strain the muscles in they’re cheeks instead it is focus on the embouchure corners and chin. The cheeks and jaw might move but only as a reflex. A heat diagram shows this clearly.

    I think we might be…[Read more]

  • Hey there.

    I have been doing MTM for about 6 months. I practice all days but not all days on MTM and the time I spend on it varies.

    For me, it would be nice to have some guidelines, f.x.:
    1. How much to practice MTM per day.
    2. How much time to spend on each exercise (in a day and when should we move to the next). Sometimes I just play an…[Read more]

  • Hey there, doing the MTM I think I might have been guided to play even more in the red because of the mmmm-aaa-ooohh.

    I recently tried a bobby shew lead mouthpiece and my range got cut off at about E-F on the top of the staff. I think my top lip was going into the mouthpiece and touching the bottom of the cup stopping the vibration. I don’t have…[Read more]

  • I was just seeing this:

    Check it out, it is really helpful 🙂

  • My problem is similar but I am trying to not roll it in focusing on the corners instead. The problem for me is that my endurance and range have just gone massively down.
    I could play above high C on fresh lips but now G seems to be my top note 🙁
    A am struggling to play with my band as a result.

  • Hi Greg,

    I am new here. I am a comeback player, I’ve been back 3 years after a 15 year break.
    Things started out great but once I started to focus on the range it seemed like everything collapsed. I have been practising at least an hour a day and for a period of 3 months I did the Claude Gordon Systematic Approach (1 – 2 hours a day) with no gain…[Read more]

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