• So I’m in the Moderato Status Stage, A flat singing C series. In doing the exercises, I can get thru the triplets but when I come to the 16th notes, I can’t play them that fast ! I hate to just move on, I feel like I’m not accomplishing the entire lesson. What is a good practice routine for developing the ability to change pitch faster as in the…[Read more]

  • This clears things up perfectly. Thank you so much for the personal attention ! Back to work I go !

  • I don’t want to ask a dumb question but I’m struggling to know what to do with these practice charts.
    You talk of counting how many “beats” you can play, or duration, but what do you consider a “beat” ?
    Is it one slur, as in playing one C#-F# ? So if I have the metronome at 60 BPM, am I to count how many of these slurs I can do per each tick of…[Read more]

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