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    I found an interesting drill yesterday. I played the mouthpiece from the other size like a mini trumpet, i.e. put the shaft inside the mouth. It did not make any sound initially. But when I reduced the amount of air exhaled, it whispered at a soft C note. It seems to be a way to practice passive reduction. That means very little air is required…[Read more]

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    I started to learn trumpet 3 years ago but I was unable to do clean A, B and High C. Just before I gave up I took the lessons of Greg. The singing C series helped me to rebuild the way I play. I think I am almost there. Initially my lips were tie and the sound was dirty when I tried shape change. But after practicing for a few months I am able to…[Read more]

  • Hi Greg. I am a beginner. I have one question here. When we tune up the guitar, the machine head works to stretch the stings in order to increase the pitch. But compressing the corners of the aperture toward the middle would increase the tension and hence the pitch. This seems to work opposite to the physics of guitar strings. Am I confused?

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