• Well……with all the reading of various thoughts about how to play this new way and trying to find an easier way to play above the staff I would say I have failed. Greg, you are wonderful but I’m afraid I give up. I need to simply get back to playing the way I used to play. I could play to a b flat above the staff and once in a blue moon I could…[Read more]

  • I too have struggled with a lot of things in the past few weeks to the point that I almost quit entirely. But decided to take a day off now and then to shake out the stress. I have found that if I pay attention to what I’m doing with my lips when I whistle this I believe is very close to what I need to be doing when I play the horn. I seem to be a…[Read more]

  • I don’t know exactly what KMT articulation is. How is it done?

  • As a follow up to my previous comment, when I open the aperture while breathing very gently through the mouthpiece, I also produce a sound like a whistle. I’d like to know if anyone else experienced this?

  • Thank you so much for your help with the facial and head movements and lips. I am going over the videos and working on the movement around the mouth, etc. I have a question about practicing this with nothing on my lips. If I can hear a faint natural whistle sound is that a good sign that I’m getting there?

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  • I’m taking your Windworks course. I’m struggling with the high notes as usual. Please what does playing in the red mean. Are we playing on the fleshy inside of the lips or on the red/pink on the outside of the lips….the part where I would apply lipstick?

    Also, I’m learning to play with an upper partial plate that means I am bothered by a thick…[Read more]

  • Good morning Greg. Lynda Armstrong here. I have been reading, re-reading and listening to and watching your videos. I also have been trying a variety of things when following you precisely doesn’t work for me. I’m not complaining…..your lessons are awesome!! However I do have crooked lips and probably jaw too since I have had TMJ issues for many…[Read more]

  • I just read and watched your resposes to questions regarding the shape and movement of the lips. Maybe you can help me a bit too. I did learn a lot from that but here’s my situation: I can whistle very well. Following the movements of my lips when I’m whistling is just like you are explaining for playing of the trumpet. I just am having a tough…[Read more]

  • Coming along pretty good. Learning more every day. My sound is good. Just taking some time to get the lip/embechure movements better. Still believe Greg’s methods are the best. And….can’t play with a group yet (COVID-19) so I’m using the down time to improve my playing. Playing in the high range is difficult for me but soon I’ll be able to adap…[Read more]

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