• Hello Brad D,
    The sound in my head at the moment is Big Band Swing.I am a member of a Big Band and we play arrangements from the Swing era. The Trumpet parts have transcribed solos and I use these in my practice at home, both for the joy of the stye and the technical difficulties that are to be overcome.I also like to listen to the lyrical way the…[Read more]

  • Hello Reijer,
    Thanks for your comments ,your interaction is appreciated.
    For me,yes I have found playing easier. I have noticed a darker sound (as long as I concentrate on keeping a good aperture opening)better endurance and quicker recovery ,maybe due to not playing on the top lip,( I regularly had the imprint of my top teeth in my upper lip.),…[Read more]

  • I have been playing the Trumpet for 15 years this time around and I too have a major overbite. After 9 months using the process and completing the Largo Stage I have managed to establish a foundation that instinctively sets the Trumpet up horizontal.
    My main focus was to start with AM-AH-OO ,establish an aperture gap with my lips set and then blow…[Read more]

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