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    In follow up to my own question. I think the lumpy lip slur is a result of not consistently finding the sweet spot in the positioning of the aperture corners within the teeth space opening and ensuring the bottom lip is rolled out enough (milk spout). This sweet spot when found allows a quick shape change snap between harmonics. If I can stay in…[Read more]

  • Until Windworks it was always my understanding that the Yoga/Wedge breath was designed to create high air pressure which then resulted in the wonders of double C and beyond. But as we now know it is shape that changes pitch, and that Greg doesn’t use any body activation when demonstrating the high range and the videos of Jim Manley clearly show…[Read more]

  • Hi Brad to add to this conversation review these short videos by Jim Manley where he mentions asking Maynard about his breathing. However I can only assume that Maynard was super efficient to play the way he did.
    Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NN1FLJUZ53o and Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-At_upbYTRA.

    It wasn’t till I watched…[Read more]

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    What do I mean by lumpy lip slurs? The movement/contraction of the aperture corners to ascend is quicker than the movement is to relax to descend. I find that it effects the rhythm, making it harder to land on the beat. I tend to compensate by trying to go faster but then the wheels fall off more. I find this lumpiness starts around 120+bpm for…[Read more]

  • Thanks Pat for your thoughts I will consider them further.

    Since I wrote the original post I have had time to question my own thinking further. I went through the Largo videos again and found connection with the Largo Upper Register Development videos and the related upper register development videos in the other levels. What struck me as…[Read more]

  • In an attempt to develop a better mental model when it comes to lip slurs (moving the corners inwards and keeping the jaw down):

    • What is the ideal space between the top and bottom teeth? (1-2cm; 1 index finger?)
    • Does this space change depending on the register and in what ways?
    • Should the the aperture concerns sit forward in front, and…

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