• How can I see lip zip. Its a mystery

  • Hi In one of the videos lately it comes up a picture of Maggio monkey short. Im wondering if the lips after aoa and when placing mouthpiece and continue blowing have the shape of MAGGIO’s monkey is INSIDE (notice) the cup. Also like the horn of Donald Duck. That means that the lips are hold flat/plan agains each other, like the double reed of a…[Read more]

  • The video Rockin Range has been very helpful for me, so also The Bluzz. Maybe Greg in all videos and books have told about squeeze in towards, but…. Because when he emphasising the loose feeling the squeeze wasn’t obvious for me and everything was too loose! …. So what happens after mmmmm aaaooo (there is many ways to say m and ao, maybe “law”…[Read more]

  • I think the differnce is when whistling your tongue is totally flat down (on lower notes). But when you play, the middle of the tongue is placed forward in position of the attack (tip of tongue behind bottom teeth). And if Im right the sides of the tongue stay there (in all registers?). This position of the tongue also helps the corners of the…[Read more]

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