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Ronald Carson

Take a look at this video:


How much movement do you see Greg doing in the video?

When he is playing slowly, I notice the jaw move which may result in the horn changing slightly with the shape change. What happens when he is doing super fast C-G slurs? I could be wrong, but I do not see as much movement of the jaw. His lips aperture corners seem to be working more and the horn stays rather steady. The shape change is probably still happening, but maybe it is more slight.

What do think when you watch him?

I cannot do the slurs nearly as fast. I do not know if I could ever get so coordinated lips to change that quickly. It makes me think there is something he is doing that I am not.

Do you think you could do the slurs super fast with a lot of chin movement and horn pivot?

I wonder also if your motion seems greater from your perspective. How would it look if you video a profile yourself?

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