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I have a Bobby Shew Z Yamaha which has a somewhat restricted blow – Bobby had it designed after he got emphysema, I heard. And I have a Bach Strad 43 ML which blows a bit more freely. I move between the two fairly often. I think the Yammie is easier to play, but I sound a bit better – more open and rich – on the Bach. This is not any help, I know, but I just wanted to put my experience down here.

Mostly, I play jazz with the Yammie and legit with the Bach. I don’t think I have any range or endurance differences with the two horns, but the Yammie is, as i said, a bit easier to get around on.

FTR, I’m an “intermediate” comeback player – off for 30 years, back now for 23. I’ll be 78 next week. Struggled with all of it forever, but am finding the easier approach the MTM brings to be very helpful. At least for now – I’ve just been in this group a couple of weeks.

(I do have a Martin Standard from 1938 that I got from a family member that is HUGE. Just so tough to play that I put it away. Really requires a LOT of air. Now that you’ve started this discussion, I might get it out and try it with MTM. Thanks.)


Bill in Albuquerque

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