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Dear Greg thanks for your response and for Windworks! You’re an excellent teacher and trumpet player!

I definitely try not to control but only observe the feeling of my lips vibrate as the wind passes. Do you feel the same sensation? I believe this feeling allows me to sense where the wind is going. At the beginning of the course I felt like to had little control over the aperture because I had no way of measuring it.

Windworks is still really new to me and its quite hard for me to really say if I am improving (by simply observing my vibrating lips). I still however wonder if that vibrating feel is a clamp feeling. To make sure its not clamped I try to play a middle C or G in the staff and midway remove the embouchure to make sure that there is no buzz happening, simply air moving.

thanks for your tips and hope to hear from you soon!

kind Regards,

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