• Hi rwcarson11,

    Thanks for your comments!
    After having started with windworks, I evaluate my own playing by my sound and sense of relaxation. My sound is terrible at the moment, haha! Forced, small, nassle, and not relaxed. I used to play with a rolled in embouchure which helped me get some high notes but I was working way to hard.

    Of course,…[Read more]

  • Here’s another question… Perhaps Im still overblowing? just how little air do we need to make a round sound??

  • Dear all,

    Ill keep my post short. I don’t feel a sense of freedom, even at low C, because I can’t manage to stop buzzing my lips together. I have fuller lips. When I play soft and definitely not overblowing my lips buzz together. Even when doing the aahoo… I check by pulling out the mp. Also, when I try to play by release more air, the buz…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the message folks! Johnelwood! Turns out that your message really saved me. Believe it or not, yesterday I was really thinking about quitting. I was tired of fighting the trumpet. I was gonna send an email directly to Greg to see if I should quit or not. However, I had to go to work (dishwasher) and was in a panic trying (as a last…[Read more]

  • Hi there, to continue on this thread. I do the mmmahhooo with the visualiser and I am completely relaxed. I then proceed with the mouthpiece and am totally relaxed but the mouthpiece (mp) completely sits on the red of the lips. I have fuller lips, and even more now since I do the mmmaaahooo. I even bought a Denis Wick 1X (18mm) so that I could fit…[Read more]

  • Johnelwood, thanks for your comments and suggestions. Your paragraph, particularly on maggio, explains really well what I experienced yesterday and today. I have never studied Maggio but I’ve seen the monkey image. Basically, I understood, through experimenting, I greatly underestimated the required firmness of my aperture corners. You mention a…[Read more]

  • My friends Im back with another question. It’s about overblowing. Since my last post… for about a week I was making great improvements until I realised that overblowing sneaked and creeped back into my playing. Perhaps I lost focus. So I’m starting again but really focusing on not kicking and not overblowing and staying completely relaxed (li…[Read more]

  • I guess my next step, after realising of overblowing, is to make sure my lips don’t clamp due to less air?

  • Thank you guys for your comments. I think I have identified my root problem/ inefficiency. I believe I have been overblowing since the day I started playing. I think I have always put too much air through the trumpet which has always caused my tone quality to dampen. I have been working way too hard and not having enough fun. I just realised this…[Read more]

  • Dear trumpet players,

    I believe I am really confused about the feeling of relaxed lips. I don’t think I know what that feels like! I know its an odd topic but what sensation should I aim for? Can anyone explain a little as to what relaxed lips should “feel” like?

    I believe I now do the bodys concert hall with relative success (open throa…[Read more]

  • Dear Greg thanks for your response and for Windworks! You’re an excellent teacher and trumpet player!

    I definitely try not to control but only observe the feeling of my lips vibrate as the wind passes. Do you feel the same sensation? I believe this feeling allows me to sense where the wind is going. At the beginning of the course I felt like to…[Read more]

  • Dear Greg and fellow trumpet players:
    Not too long ago I read something about {feeling lips vibrate while playing}. I started to concentrate on this feeling and have noticed that when I concentrate on the feeling of how my lips vibrate when playing, especially when I ascend, the vibrating surface changes. I feel like every note has a different…[Read more]

  • Hello fellow trumpeters,

    I have thick lips and especially when doing the AAAAHOOOO most of my lips are outside the visualiser and the mouthpiece (mp). I have read countless times that the red of the lips should remain inside the mp. I recently bought a Denis Wick 17.50mm (a large mp) to replace my 3C yet my lips remain outside. Should I try to…[Read more]

  • I was wondering about a similar situation. Perhaps there is an exercise which helps keep the jaw open? To ensure a round sound when ascending. It would be interesting to get some input on this topic! Thanks

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