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Hello Paul,
Just practicing and noticed your new post. It is great to hear your encouraging news. I sometimes find I get discouraged but I am determined to trust this process (which I believe in) despite the bumps along the way. Hearing about your progress is very reassuring and is appreciated.
I think my experience with the milk spout position is similar to yours. It feels like the lower lip is really extended but I like the fact that I can feel the airstream and that it seems to enhance flexibility. As with most things in the oral cavity, a small change feels really big.
I too occasionally find I miss a note on the high side and some thin B’s or Eb’s (second valve) pop out with amazing ease.
I am still working on the Singing C F# exercises and particularly the Practice Progress Chart harmonic slurs. I am finding that the slower tempo slurs below say 90bpm difficult for me to maintain and yet at 100bpm the slurs are much easier to maintain. I have not made it to 20 seconds (got to 15 seconds today but sound was degrading quickly) or tried any faster tempos yet as I find jaw fatigue sets in quickly. This seems contrary to what I feel I should be experiencing but this is uncharted water for me so it is what it is.
Lets stay in touch as I for one would appreciate the interaction and sharing of experiences. I am finding this forum is not very active so hearing from you has been very motivating for me to stay on the path.
Many thanks,

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