• Patrick replied to the topic Getting frustrated! in the forum WindWorks 1 year, 6 months ago

    Hi Gary,

    I was intrigued by the title of your post as I think it is something all of us in the MTM/Windworks program have experienced. I have to say that Hajo and Julie have some great insights and I totally agree with their input and advice.

    I have been working on Windworks for about 10 months, and like you, have found it to be an up and down…[Read more]

  • Glad to hear of your breakthrough, Janet. Sounds like the lower jaw setting may work for you after all. Interesting how the word “too”, which Greg demonstrates constantly without aids, plus with visualizer and mouthpiece, may be the key for you.
    Good luck and please keep us posted on your progress.


  • Hi Janet,

    Sorry to hear of your struggles. I too am working to change embouchure settings to a more Windworks “Milkspout” setting. After a lesson with Greg, he noticed my jaw was closing and this was causing me trouble with lower note sound and resonance. I am currently working to engrain a lower more open jaw into my Windworks process practice…[Read more]

  • I agree with you Brad. It seems very much in line with Greg’s teaching. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Hello Ryan,

    I noticed your post a few days ago and was waiting (and hoping) for someone with more experience in the course than I to respond.

    Since that has not happened I am happy to give you my opinion on the matter, for what it is worth. I am not a pro player, nor am I a teacher or academic who has had a lot of exposure to great teachers or…[Read more]

  • Patrick replied to the topic Significant embouchure pain in the forum WindWorks 2 years ago

    Hi Janet,
    Been away from the computer for a couple of days. I was pleased to hear that your lesson went well and now am even more motivated to arrange one for myself.
    I feel that since I have started the Windworks course that there is some increased endurance and “secureness” in my regular playing even though I am not attempting to consciously…[Read more]

  • Patrick replied to the topic Significant embouchure pain in the forum WindWorks 2 years ago

    Glad to hear you were able to contact Greg.

    I too am at a point where I think I need a check up lesson with Greg. I have been in the course for about 5 months and feel I need some guidance to make sure I am on the right path.

    I hope all goes well with your lesson.

  • Patrick replied to the topic Significant embouchure pain in the forum WindWorks 2 years ago

    Hello Janet,
    I noticed your post and Greg’s response.It sounds like contacting Greg is your best route for some suggestions to alleviate your discomfort. I contacted him once for the 10 minute free consultation and found him to be very helpful and generous with his time.
    Here is the link to the general inquiries web page, which should get you in…[Read more]

  • Hello Andrew,
    I am certainly no expert but when reading your post I was reminded of a problem I have had intermittently in the past and one that I still watch out for. I had the habit of involuntarily closing my throat for a second or two while playing and unlike you I was not aware of it until pointed out in a lesson I took from a fellow band…[Read more]

  • I have been struggling with the progressive Harmonic Slur progress chart exercises at the F# and G level and continued to stick with the process, going back over the F# and G singing C exercises and also moved forward to do some of the Ascending Harmonic exercises which are scheduled after the G harmonic skills. I did lots of experimenting with…[Read more]

  • Hello Paul,
    Just practicing and noticed your new post. It is great to hear your encouraging news. I sometimes find I get discouraged but I am determined to trust this process (which I believe in) despite the bumps along the way. Hearing about your progress is very reassuring and is appreciated.
    I think my experience with the milk spout position is…[Read more]

  • Hello Paul,
    Thanks for your response. It sounds like we are pushing through the same issues. I also have jaw fatigue and some pain at times as I have had TMJ problems in the past. Also my regular embouchure has a slightly receded jaw setting so I am sure the jaw muscles are not used to the more forward set up when trying to stay in the “milk spot…[Read more]

  • I restarted Windworks in late December working through the MTM Ebooks (Book 1 primarily) I purchased a number of years ago. Also I began the Largo trial series and loved it so much that I signed up for the Windworks program in January. Since then I have been diligently working and reworking through the lessons. My “10 minute” introductory chat…[Read more]

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