• Hi again,

    Here is Mike’s daily routine which he is happy for me to post in the hope it is of help to others:

    Close my eyes- body’s concert hall breath (open up the throat and lungs).
    Tissue release passive (no engagement).
    Add the visualizer to that (should see and feel the same result). Remove visualizer and add mouthpiece over the same s…[Read more]

  • Hi All.

    I was wondering if anyone who is working at Allegro level or slightly higher has put together a practice routine based on MTM method. eg. what level of lip buzzing, mouthpiece buzzing, leadpipe work, singing C etc. have you done that has yielded good results for you. I am finding I can flick all over the place but really haven’t…[Read more]

  • Hi Ivo,
    I am not sure whether you ever received a reply to your post. I have only just seen it.

    Your first question is really quite complex and I am gathering that what we think we are doing and what we are really doing can be very different (to quote tiger woods “feel and real are often not the same”) Therefore I can only tell you how I…[Read more]

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