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      Ivo Carrabs

      Hi Guys, I see myself lurring around this topic that makes me waste a lot of time, and dont completely understand it.

      The first thing that I dont fully get is whether the shape consists of some lateral tension (in the smile direction) and after that we go forward (That would be “delicate smile” + Pucker (OOOHH)) or just the pucker (where my lips are not stretched laterally but they just go forward)

      The second thing is that I dont get if we should position the mouthpiece in the same place we position the visualizer when we do the preparation or if that is just the psicology.

      I need to step on something solid and I think that mouthpiece placement is one of the first steps because if I dont position it every time in the same spot then there are always some tiny thing changing and I basically cant grow from solid floor.

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      Ivo Carrabs

      The third thing that I dont get is how to become active in the mouth and change shape basically inside the rim and at the same time dont apply tension on the top lip… haha

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      Hi Ivo,
      I am not sure whether you ever received a reply to your post. I have only just seen it.

      Your first question is really quite complex and I am gathering that what we think we are doing and what we are really doing can be very different (to quote tiger woods “feel and real are often not the same”) Therefore I can only tell you how I feel it but others could well have a very different experience. Over the last few months a couple of “ah-ha” moments for me were when someone showed or talked about a visualization of adding tension at the aperture corners by placing little pegs there BUT the tension is put there buy a horzontal and for me it feels like a slightly forward movement, like occurs when we say OOHH as Greg talks about.

      Your second question about mouthpiece placement is that yes, the mouthpiece should be placed exactly where the visualizer was placed. Pretty sure of this from having and watching Greg’s lessons.

      Now the 3r question. So when I get it right, it seems like the milk spout is taking most it not all of the mouthpiece pressure. So the movement mentioned above is for me, mostly the bottom lip coming forward. When it works the top lip vibrates with no problem.

      Sounds to me like you are on the right track.


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