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Janet Myers

I will continue to hold off on lessons for awhile. I’m just starting to become aware of the things I’m doing that are creating problems. This is a really good step forward for me. To quote a hymn, “I once was blind, but now I see).

I have a LOT to overcome to get away from the Stamp method. 1.0 brain is fighting me bad tonight. It was fully triggered by playing all CDEFG or GFEDC progressions. Throat tightens, body wants badly to activate. When I can get mastery over this, other stuff should start flowing better. I am by no means speeding through anything at this point. I can’t. I’m only as far as Largo Status Stage Ascending and Descending Slurs and made a failed attempted at the Ascending Tongue Stop exercise. No go on these. I’d really like to hear from other Stamp students (IF any have tried switching to Greg’s method). I will keep plugging on and win the fight over my 1.0 brain.

Thanks for replying, much appreciated.

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