• Janet Myers replied to the topic How do you warmup? in the forum WindWorks 1 week, 6 days ago

    Hajo, maybe it’s just me, but I think the mind also needs a Warmup – I definitely prefer to have an organized, concise and focused way to daily physically and mentally reinforce the neural pathways that I’m working to build as I learn the WindWorks system of playing.

  • Janet Myers replied to the topic How do you warmup? in the forum WindWorks 1 week, 6 days ago

    PIA, thanks, I think this may be getting closer to something that could work for me — it’s the orderly progression and purpose behind what you’re doing that appeals to me. Besides the Dystonia issue, I am truly my own worst enemy because I am also ADHD (Attention Deficit) — so, having something structured and orderly helps me stay focused…[Read more]

  • Janet Myers started the topic How do you warmup? in the forum WindWorks 2 weeks ago

    Are you doing the same warmup you’ve done for years prior to WindWorks, or have you developed a new warmup based around the WindWorks exercises? I’m asking because I need a better way to warm up than the hit-or-miss thing mine has become. I’m used to doing a daily precise warmup that carried directly over into the rest of my practice sessi…[Read more]

  • I am also fairly new to Windworks/Mystery to Mastery.

    What I want to do is encourage you to stick with Greg and Windworks. From skimming your post, I’m fairly certain you have been overworking every aspect of your trumpet playing – as I have been. And, it sounds like you have been employing the Valsalva maneuver (as it relates to trumpet p…[Read more]

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    Many years ago, when I was preparing for a symphony career, along came pieces like Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade with it’s very fast double and triple tonguing speeds. To get there, I altered my tonguing style to high and forward. and that position stuck with me for all of my playing.

    Tongue arch as high as I was doing i…[Read more]

  • LOL! That’s great – I needed a laugh. Yes, I can see how WindWorks does that to people.

  • Hajo, thanks. I experimented a bit and, though the milkspout is not as pronounced, I think a bit lower bell angle helps. Maybe because I have an overbite?

  • Hi, Pat. It sounds like there are some similarities between us, but for me it’s higher notes where I experience the most problems keeping jaw down and teeth apart. I’m having no success getting away from decades of too high tongue arch and that arch always combined with closing up space between teeth. Add to that the embouchure change and I can’t…[Read more]

  • Tongue isn’t stiff. I can flutter tongue and do any other type of articulations as well. I think I have watched every video by Greg on articulation and did the whole “Ruby Fundamentals – The Alphabet” as it’s a very good diagnostic tool. Thanks for the suggestion though, Hajo.

  • All this introspection stuff (magnifying glass) has me facing three interlinked issues all at once:

    1. I have a very longstanding problem of ALWAYS holding my tongue arched high – even when playing lower notes. This leaves little to no room to be able to arch higher (for high range notes). How do I quit doing this?

    2. K-modified tonguing is what…[Read more]

  • Have you tried memorizing the passages where tongue and fingers fall out of sync? (Not memorizing to perform or even practice from memory, but just until you get the notes under your fingers.) When I’m totally glued to the just the measure I’m trying to play, it doesn’t go well for me. I find I often need to be looking ahead by several measures…[Read more]

  • From the manufacturer’s website:

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  • If I could figure out how to put a picture in here, I would. Yes, blue and white sleeve on a pure white eraser.


  • Janet Myers replied to the topic Music and Science in the forum WindWorks 2 months ago


    Thank you! I tried your approach and I do believe it worked! Of course, many issues are yet to be overcome, but my 1.0 brain seems to have lost a few teeth. The real test will be picking up the horn again in about 8 hours. Typically, my experience is that a good day is followed by a bad one. A really good day is followed by a REALLY…[Read more]

  • I wanted to see if I was moving my jaw up and down while playing, so I looked around my office for something I could use to keep my teeth a distance apart. Greg said in a video that he used pen caps at first and then dental putty to keep his teeth apart. That wasn’t going to work for me, so what now? Dental putty isn’t something I have laying aro…[Read more]

  • Janet Myers replied to the topic Music and Science in the forum WindWorks 2 months ago

    I appreciate everyone’s well thought out responses immensely. I like your analogy, Patrick, and will try that. Perhaps taking a kinder view of the 1.0 brain will calm it enough to go away easier. Right now, it feels more like I’m trying to fend off a very hungry great white shark.

  • Janet Myers replied to the topic Music and Science in the forum WindWorks 2 months, 1 week ago

    Hi, Nigel,

    I also have a problem with the field of psychology. I have not yet met one person who actually was healed of a traumatic emotional event through psychology. The best I’ve seen accomplished is that the injured person only learns to better cope with their trauma. Not healed, just better coping skills. What a waste of time and money.

    I…[Read more]

  • Janet Myers replied to the topic Music and Science in the forum WindWorks 2 months, 1 week ago

    Good post, Nigel. Thanks.

    Yes, Greg’s teaching methods are quite well rounded.

    As someone who is now suffering from Embouchure Focal Dystonia (coming up on a year now), addressing all aspects of playing is essential, whether you have Dystonia or not. My decline seems to have finally hit bottom and I have found myself thinking at times that a p…[Read more]

  • Janet Myers replied to the topic Me 2.0 has guilt in the forum WindWorks 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    I believe that we are in no way responsible for the decisions of others, so just let it go. You can beat yourself up over this forever, or just accept that he made a different decision than what you would have done if you were in his place.

    You can make something positive out of this experience by thinking about how you handled things back then…[Read more]

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