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      Hello all, I haven’t posted for as I’ve been happily progressing with the course (two steps forward and one step back!). However, as I have now reached Moderato stage and some of the slightly faster exercises, I’m finding that my tongue is occasionally out of sync with my fingers. If I play the passages more slowly to try and overcome this, the problem returns as soon as I speed up. Are there any suggestions how I might combat this. Many thanks.

      GREG SAYS:
      Hey Gary, are you using the metronome? It sounds like you are going straight from the “What CAN I do?” to “What CAN’T I do?” With no in between.

      Going up incrementally with the metronome, EYES CLOSED, and really nailing the time will let you know where it’s falling down.

      If you come back daily, in a day or a week, something will “Click” and then you’ll find your next limit.

      Get that magnifying glass out and be completely aware of everything you are doing.

      Try this: hold your instrument to you lips and hum, passively. Then sing the exercise in your mind and move the finger in time with what you are hearing in your head.

      This is teaching you the “feeling” of the exercise. Compare this sensation to when you are playing it and recognise the “Point of Difference”.

      Let us know!!!


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      Hello Gary

      I have / had the same challenge.
      Synchronisation from
      Fingers and tongue need a lot of practice.
      I made two experiences:
      It is very important to practice very slowly. When you believe that you can manage that tempo then practice one week longer before you try faster.

      Sometimes we block us by ourselves when we think about coordination of finger and tongue.
      It depence whether your exercises is process or result driven.
      When it is process driven than you can try to play as fast as you can without judging the errors. Your body is able to fix them automatically by time.

      Hope my advice can help you.

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      Janet Myers

      Have you tried memorizing the passages where tongue and fingers fall out of sync? (Not memorizing to perform or even practice from memory, but just until you get the notes under your fingers.) When I’m totally glued to the just the measure I’m trying to play, it doesn’t go well for me. I find I often need to be looking ahead by several measures when a piece of music is very fast or very difficult. Letting go and looking ahead can be hard to do when the notes aren’t already under my fingers. Don’t know if this is remotely applicable to what’s going on with you, so please disregard this if I’m totally off track.

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      Many thanks for the feedback and tips on this. Much appreciated everyone.

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