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      Janet Myers

      I wanted to see if I was moving my jaw up and down while playing, so I looked around my office for something I could use to keep my teeth a distance apart. Greg said in a video that he used pen caps at first and then dental putty to keep his teeth apart. That wasn’t going to work for me, so what now? Dental putty isn’t something I have laying around, but maybe a piece from of one of my white erasers (Staedtler Mars Plastic — rectangular block style)?

      I sliced a piece off the end of one and it works great. It doesn’t crumble and fall apart like the pink erasers do, has no taste and cuts easily with a straight edge razor blade. It’s comfortably soft on the teeth, but doesn’t mash flat. You can find them in the USA in many larger food markets, office supply stores, Target? They are sold world wide – made in Germany.

      This is also the best type of eraser to get for cleaning pencil marks off of music charts — doesn’t damage the paper. Slice a bit off to go between your teeth and throw the rest of it in your trumpet case for your charts. If you already have one, well there you go. Cut a piece off and give it a try,

      Greg’s Reply:

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      Hi Janet, this one tickled me. I have moved from erasers to bottle corks. I did find the erasers crumbled, but maybe I used the wrong ones? Or maybe my bite was just too vicious? (Pretty sure they were Staedtler, but not sure about the exact type. Are you talking aobut the white ones with the blue-and-white sleeve? Best erasers I know, but maybe not for sticking between teeth.) As it happens, my bottle corks are German, too. Very firm and not at all crumbly ;-).

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      Hi Janet
      I think it’s really cool that you like the German erasers 😂👍. I’m actually going to try the eraser thing right now.
      Thanks Janet

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      Janet Myers

      If I could figure out how to put a picture in here, I would. Yes, blue and white sleeve on a pure white eraser.

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      Janet Myers

      From the manufacturer’s website:

      Premium quality for first-class erasing performance
      Minimal crumbling
      Protective PP-film with practical tear-and-open strip
      Sliding sleeve for convenient handling
      Phthalate and latex free
      Best erasing performance with little wear

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