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Goodmorning Dimitri,

Thank you for the reply, are you keep coming back to the Largo stage and do you start of with being still? As Greg tell’s us the instrument is only an amplifier of our body so maybe you can try to be more relaxed when you start and try to recognise we’re the tension builds up?

I’ve started playing again when I became 53, I’m getting 63 in a few day’s. There fore I did play for about 1 year. In those day’s we didn’t have internet just a teacher that told me what to do and don’t told me why I was doing this execises.

These day’s I’ve been observing myself in the mirror and see that when I whistle my jaw comes forward so that my teeth are more semetric to eachother. I’m trying to replicate this with playing together with avoid tention to my lips tp produce the sound. This way I come to G4 on the staff. It sounds sometimes good but mostly chooked. I don’t mind because I notice that a change is coming bit by bit. I also noticed that I’m more aware of taking bigger breaths (Sling Shot) and release that air so I don’t have to use my abdominals to much.

I hope you can do something with what I’m doing and maybe you don’t need to strive to get further up the staff to fast but enjoy what you can do and enjoy this.

I have noticed that the urge to get more up the staff did frustrate me very much and I got to dislike the trumpet more then I enjoyed it. So these day’s i accept I’m not ready yet to progress and play what I can do with the best sound I can produce and have fun and enjoy the precents of my fellow orchestra members (I play in a fanfare orchestra).



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