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I sure come back to largo once in a while, well more then once in a while To be honest.
I always warm up with some mow and mong notes. then some articulation ect…

After some warmup and some exercises I always try to play some music. And its there I see where it goes wrong.
for example when I play a song an I have to play a low C and reach for a middle C I feel the push and forcing creeping in…
what ofcource makes the sound sound ugly.. makes me tense my body and it feels like I have no stamina/endurance or makes me feel like I CANT even play that middle C…

then I do the singing C series exercise again, just that full breath C and silent G, C, E…
realising that goes kinde easy..

So many things in the brain tho…

Yet, goinh over that E and working to that G on top of the staff dont work that well 🙁

So I guess I haven found the ‘shape’ yet to play that easy,
But keep on trying I will for sure 🙂

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