• I sure should take more breaks…
    but the thing is that I can most of the time only play one hour a day most of the time cause of work and living in a appartment.
    My free day I do practice way more spreaded over the day.
    I could use a mute, but I realy dislike those cause of the pressure it gives

  • I sure come back to largo once in a while, well more then once in a while To be honest.
    I always warm up with some mow and mong notes. then some articulation ect…

    After some warmup and some exercises I always try to play some music. And its there I see where it goes wrong.
    for example when I play a song an I have to play a low C and reach for a…[Read more]

  • Oi, Hi From Belguim as well 🙂

    I kinde have the same problem.
    I’ve been practicing windworks now for about 6+ months and I do got to say I love the concept behind it a lot.

    As I’ve been playing 20 years ago with forcing and squeezing and… meh…
    I did put the trumpet aside for some time.
    Now that I’m about to reach the age of 40 I wanted to…[Read more]

  • When I was 20 years younger I played the trumpet with pushing and chokeing and… the wrong way.
    20 years later I wanne try again and i’ve been practicing for about a year now.

    I love the concept of windworks A LOT.
    But… Flushing out that 1.0 brain adn trying to et the 2.0 in there is damn hard.

    as i’ve been playing now for a year again (I try…[Read more]

  • Hey Folks !
    I’m Dimitri, so far its been a great experience being here in windworks and trying to embrace all these wonderfull concepts. After (I think) over 15 years not playing I’m trying to get all of this in place (even tho my 1.0 Brain is a pain in the ass and is hard to push out 😀 )

    So I got a little question if you all have some tips how…[Read more]

  • Hy Foks !
    My name is Dimitri and its an honor to be here and learn a ‘relaxed way’ of playing the trumpet.
    I played the trumpet when I was 18 till 25, Now that i’m 39 I realy want to pick it up again.
    Before I found M2M trough Youtube, I was playing the trumpet again how I was told…
    Yes… Blow harder squeez harder… You know… the hard way…[Read more]