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    Hey Folks !
    I’m Dimitri, so far its been a great experience being here in windworks and trying to embrace all these wonderfull concepts. After (I think) over 15 years not playing I’m trying to get all of this in place (even tho my 1.0 Brain is a pain in the ass and is hard to push out 😀 )

    So I got a little question if you all have some tips how to maintain your ’embouchure’ or ‘flexibility’ or progress when you are going for a few days and cant bring your trumpet along.

    As i’m leaving for a trip for 10 days and wont be able to play at all I kinde dont want to come back and feel like I lost so many ‘flexibility’ or progress.

    Should I be Bluzzing a lot? I will backswing and practice the BCH still. But im’ not sure If I can do more without the instrument by my side. ( I can bring a mouthpiece along tho ! )

    Big thanks in advance

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    Hi Dimitri,
    I have just started this course, so lots of unlearning is needed and, obviously, this is my first time on the forum. I noticed there is no reply and the date of your post.
    I have the same question and was wondering what you ended up doing? My 1.0 would have taken a mouthpiece away but don’t know now.

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