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Mike and Reiji,

Thank you for your welcome comments. I sense that you both express something that is is within each of us to some degree.

It seems to me that we all want to be able to express ourselves through the trumpet but we lack the ‘technical skills’ we would like to have, or need to achieve our particular mode or level of expression. Greg does provide us with his insights and an avenue to build our skills so that we may be more able to achieve our artistic goals. Some of us have lofty, even professional goals as musicians. Others have more modest goals such as being able to play a given piece of music up to our personal standards in a practice room. This is very personal and I hope that one should not be judged to be better or more worthy than another.

It does not make a difference what our goals may be. Greg provides each of us with the opportunity to achieve those goals through a concrete approach to our technical development. For me, all I need to do is be open to Greg’s concepts and ‘do the work’. Sometimes it takes many visits to pick up, on and solidify a small detail that can make an improvement in my playing. However, I just accept that as part of the learning process. Some details can be heard many times but only really sink in when it is the right time for me to hear them. – – I think Greg said something about this related to his left handed golf progress.

Anyhow, hopefully we all keep learning and enjoying the process.

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