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      Here are some learning concepts that have been valuable to me.

      First — Trust and believe in the Process
      Having trust in and belief in the process is important to learning and development.

      Second — Embrace those mistakes or missteps that lead to self discovery.
      Mistakes and / or missteps are an important part of the learning process. I like to approach them as an opportunity for non-critical self discovery. There are even times when I discover something that works. That is part of the process. Working with ‘eyes closed’ for self awareness while not being self critical is helpful to me.

      Third — Take responsibility for your own learning.
      I find that it’s important for me to be responsible and do the work by following the process and working the system. If I do not do the work I cannot expect the results that I want to achieve. I also try to be aware of my progress and make an honest evaluation of where I am in the sequence of the process. I find that it’s important that I do not get try to get ahead of myself in the exercises. Development and learning is a life long endeavor.

      Just some quick thoughts on the process and learning.

      GREG SAYS:

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      Mike Abbate

      Hello Ken. My name is Mike and I’m a so called come back player after 35 yrs off. I was considered a respectable player during the 30yrs I did study and play. I’ve been working the Windwork system from the beginning of my return to the trumpet 10 months ago. Your post is my first contribution to the forum and I would like to say that your post was well thought out and precisely accurate in my humble opinion. In fact, without exception, you have expressed exactly how I feel and approach music and in particular the horn.

      May I add that it doesn’t hurt to have someone like Greg that preaches the same. Being that I live in New York and grew up loving and wanting to learn and understand the trumpet, I actively looked for a person who could help me be a more complete player in all aspects of the instrument. So My journey included studies with Carmine (for about 6 months), and then Roy Stevens of about 3 yrs. They did have some of the answers but unfortunately not all or in some cases even the right answers. I’ll go on record to say, again from my experience, and I truly believe this that Greg does have the answers to our life long endeavor, as well as the ability to help people like all of us to understand and actually feel the process without the frustration (in the errors we make are the answers to our success).

      So thank you Ken for your post and thank you Greg for giving this old man a second change at something that I’ve loved since I was 4yrs old. Oh, Sorry if I got long winded – my wife tells me I talk to much. Thanks again.

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      Hello Ken and Mike, My name is Reijer, 63 years og age and I have been on Windworks when it still was MTM. I’m a amateur player who started when I left the Dutch Navy at the age of 54. Eversince I have been searching for a way to nail the horn. Unlike you Mike I did things on my own (in a different way) with only 1 goal and that was to play along with all my Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass songs. So not learning the music theory but writing the fingering down on a piece of paper and try to play along. It was then when I started to join an orchestra in my neighberhood that I started to learn the scales and all the other theory. I ran into limitations on the horn. The teacher I had talked about projecting the sound towards an faw away point to make the horn speak more. But never did anyone tell me how to use the energy inside the body and not tighten the lips. So I can not play above the staff and hope to find answers here that help me become the player I want to be. So thank you for contribution to the forum and you see Ken I’m a bit of a person that talks a lot to. Hope to see you guy’s on the live forum sometime. Greetings from The Netherlands.

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      Mike and Reiji,

      Thank you for your welcome comments. I sense that you both express something that is is within each of us to some degree.

      It seems to me that we all want to be able to express ourselves through the trumpet but we lack the ‘technical skills’ we would like to have, or need to achieve our particular mode or level of expression. Greg does provide us with his insights and an avenue to build our skills so that we may be more able to achieve our artistic goals. Some of us have lofty, even professional goals as musicians. Others have more modest goals such as being able to play a given piece of music up to our personal standards in a practice room. This is very personal and I hope that one should not be judged to be better or more worthy than another.

      It does not make a difference what our goals may be. Greg provides each of us with the opportunity to achieve those goals through a concrete approach to our technical development. For me, all I need to do is be open to Greg’s concepts and ‘do the work’. Sometimes it takes many visits to pick up, on and solidify a small detail that can make an improvement in my playing. However, I just accept that as part of the learning process. Some details can be heard many times but only really sink in when it is the right time for me to hear them. – – I think Greg said something about this related to his left handed golf progress.

      Anyhow, hopefully we all keep learning and enjoying the process.

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      Ken good evening,

      I guess the learning process never stops, so embrace what you can do and be open to what you can’t do untill you grasp a new aspect in the Cycle of TEE’s and tick a new box.

      Great to be here on the forum meeting all sorts of players pro’s, amateurs.

      Have a great night,

      Greetins from The Netherlands.

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