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I love what patricknowland9 just posted. Apart from being a returning player, I am a science nerd. The feature of what Greg has done is to bring together at least 4 scientific disciplines, all proven as valid by robust scientific method, and created a unique (and as far as I am aware) groundbreaking approach. Other methods are really only based on physics (and as patricknowland9 also alluded to), some even get the physics wrong or teachers themselves don’t understand the basics of a sound wave resonating in an instrument. More importantly, the fields of physiology, psychology and neuroscience are included. The fields of psychology and neuroscience, for me, are actually the most exciting aspects. For the impatient player that focuses only on the physics and physiology, are not setting themselves up for success. For the change to be sustained, the neural pathways need to be created and old neural pathways deleted, which takes time and happens with the fundamentals. Big risk for experienced players is not grasping the psychology of the change which will directly impact the neural pathway development and the deletion of the old one. I am nowhere near the end of the course. I have intentionally stopped at the end of adagio and gone back to the start. I may do this several times because I believe this is where I reinforce new neural pathways and reduce the risk of the reemergence of unhelpful ones. Like I said, science nerd with physics, physiology and psychology qualifications and my daughter is a research neuroscientist. Happy days and for a brass playing scientist, this course is fascinating and like big bowl of chocolate ice cream.

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