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Hi Janet,

I am glad you are adopting a ‘no excuses’ and ‘nothing to prove’ philosophy and giving 2.0 a go. To be able to do that and dump the ego would not have been an easy process to undertake and I am glad you feel less burdened and free.

The problem with the general field of psychology is that not all psychologists are not created equal. For trauma recovery, you are best off with a Clinical Psychologist with a trauma therapy background, but I would guess most (unless they were musicians) wouldn’t fully grasp the magnitude of your loss. Also, trauma is not a condition that is ever generally healed, it is managed and treated, but not healed. This obviously depends on the person and impact of the trauma. I think therapy by the right person is a good adjunct to a multi disciplinary medical team. I have several permanent chronic physical and mental conditions, one of which is PTSD. I have seen about half a dozen psychologists and only one had both the right skill set and I could develop a rapport.

I was thinking along the lines of Sport Psychology for Musicians. Sport Psychology is the study of psychological factors associated with participation and performance in sport. The main purpose of Sport Psychology is to enhance an individual’s athletic performance. Mental skills and strategies help athletes concentrate better, deal more effectively with competitive stress, and practice and train more efficiently. What many athlete’s fail to realise is that mental preparation is just as important as the physical. The brain can be trained in the same way physical and technical aspects can. This is much of the same mindset of Greg and WindWorks.

We will see where we end up. I really hope you can play the trumpet again, with Greg’s help.



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