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Thanks Greg, will do. Was hoping for a good day today, had some good sensations in my lips this morning and thought when I got around to playing things would go well but no such luck. Another off day, perhaps worse than yesterday but I didn’t get as frustrated. I guess I kind of expected it in a way. Also, it was kind of a weird day–I warmed up, then had to take care of something then went back to the horn, then got interrupted again and had to kind of warm up a 3rd time. Wound up feeling strange. Went back and did some Singing C exercises, etc. Tried a lot of different things, nothing felt or sounded great.

I think I started tightening up again sometimes when going for higher notes. I think that’s because something else is going on–I’m not doing something right that I was before or my lips are stiff or something, but I suppose that it could be the tightening itself.

Going to try for a good session tomorrow with no interruptions and just take it easy / go with the flow and see if I can get those sensations back. Not going to try for any certain notes, I’m just going to try to get the sound and feeling back that I had before. I did have that sensation before that you described where the sound is resonant and full and everything just seemed to be in sync–I sounded as good as ever and things just seemed relatively easy / effortless even playing above the staff. Definitely miss that feeling now–it’s not as enjoyable playing the past couple days. Maybe I’ll try to play more music and less exercises tomorrow–that may help.

I did do Clarke 5 again today and got a nice high D again, but then had trouble getting the High C when doing the next exercise up to Eb. Tried a couple more times but it just didn’t go, so I moved on to some articulation stuff and took it easy. I skipped doing any range exercises (i.e. Caruso) the past couple / few days and have tried just sticking to Clarke / WindWorks stuff, etc. till I feel better again.

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