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I’ll try but please understand that with any system I only take from it what works for me. Yes I know some people who are pursuing for upper register and sometimes “wig” the lip clamp for upper register.

This was not my goal, I can play a hi f with some strain and this will do until I correct it since I don’t see Woody Herman charts anymore. But my goal is to play the hi g with the ease and tone of a staff g. I hope to make my embouchure more able to respond and make these changes or movements coordinated. I think many confuse BE with the 2 settings used in the exercises. Using either of these exclusively will in my opinion limit a player greatly, but I have found there is much to learn by doing them to the fullest extent. I have seen some small and positive changes in effort to play notes but not by going to extreme but by letting the experience of the extremes unconsciously change the mouth and lips (tongue-jaw too). These are changes in feel and focus for me more than anything. And as I continue I may stop and take the good I’ve found and move on. I think more than anything it is a method of teaching yourself what works for you. We all have different capacities and talents and strengths, mine has always been strength tone and good sound to high c. I would do nothing to compromise that and if I see anything the program is doing that effects the money skills ill stop right away. I think Greg said his experience is with actual students of BE and I’ve seen where some advocates have used the system as a wig to get hi notes with a lip clamp and for some this is their natural and best way to play. I’m just looking for ease and applying some of the exercises is doing a lot to teach me what’s happening in the MP. The author of the BE book seems to agree with me that these extreme exercises are simply to make you more aware of the factors that make up your aperture. I think those who pursue extreme roll in or out as a setting are missing some of the advantage of developing the stated goal of balance and focus.
Just a hackers opinion with too much time on his hands. And I certainly have found my application to reduce the blow force required, but I only use the settings for practice and let my normal aperture play and change unconsciously if it needs to. This ease of wind is how I see the 2 methods being simpatico I have developed a feel that how I direct the wind over my lip has a lot to do with ascending with some success and never experienced that before.

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