• My experience is the opposite. I play a wedge 64 (640) extra shallow and I’m considering going to the 620. My lower register has suffered in no way and the upper is so much easier, I also have more endurance. I think this is due to becoming aware of shape and focus with the program. I work on a lot of different things but this has allowed me to p…[Read more]

  • I found that doing the tongue in a very legato fashion helped achieve the results shown. Even when I stop the breath with the tongue I don’t feel the throat unless I’m cranking volume. I don’t think I really to seal air with my tongue on stacatto either, it feels as if the tongue only strikes.

  • a4audinut replied to the topic BE. And windworks in the forum WindWorks 5 years, 3 months ago

    I’ll try but please understand that with any system I only take from it what works for me. Yes I know some people who are pursuing for upper register and sometimes “wig” the lip clamp for upper register.

    This was not my goal, I can play a hi f with some strain and this will do until I correct it since I don’t see Woody Herman charts anymore…[Read more]

  • a4audinut replied to the topic BE. And windworks in the forum WindWorks 5 years, 3 months ago

    I have only been working with this for awhile but firmly believe (maybe incorrectly) that the lips must form the aperture for the note prior to applying air for things to work. Im looking at BE from that perspective alone, and that is where I see similarities in the 2 systems (again perhaps incorrectly).
    Please correct me if im not on base…[Read more]

  • Greg
    I am working with an embouchure system called BE, when applied correctly it make it much easier to ascend without increasing the blow effort and has extended my range considerably. It seems to work hand in hand with you methods, your thoughts

  • I had a knee replacement 19 years ago due to an athletic career that ended a few years too late. On Thanksgiving I got an infection in it and had to have an antibiotic spacer installed until infection cleared. I still haven’t had the final replacement yet but knowing yours isn’t as bad as it could be may make you feel a bit better. I had to qui…[Read more]

  • Im sure the answer is just a few lessons from where I am now (have been most of the time) but I move slowly and want to ask how to accelerate learning the shape for the different notes (from G to hi E right now needs help). For me it seems when I find the right shape (lips,tongue, jaw, etc. whatever you put into your definition of shape) the need…[Read more]

  • bud Brisbois ala the jetzens

  • Greg
    glad to hear you say you are just in it to improve.I’m the pool players (pocket billiards) equivalent to a scratch or better golfer. I run tables for money and can still run 2-3 racks of rotation after being away over 10 years, but golf is like playing trumpet or pool and is a demanding master to be consistent at. Your attitude with golf is…[Read more]

  • Never mind, I cant say that this was much more than a different feeling, and it really didn’t last. It now seems I tire quicker on this huge pipe. Going back to the most comfortable, and that may change over time but ill bet it wont be a huge change like this was. It felt good for a short while??

  • Ive got a horn that is my everyday that has a changeable leadpipe system meaning I can change leadpipe bore while leaving all other dimensions of the horn the same. There are 7 pipes going in order smallest to largest as follows – 4T 2T 0 CEL 20 40 and 60. The 0 and CEL surround the Bach 37 pipe, others with smaller or larger gradient. I had…[Read more]

  • I just had an eye opening experience and one I would recommend to everyone at some point (about the time you think you are getting all this!).

    I did a Skype with Greg late last week and I have seen some real benefit thus far. I was thinking that I was playing absolutely freely with no push until I did my harmonic slurs from staff e to g above…[Read more]

  • Greg,
    By this time I am fully invested in shape and the point of difference in push. I think its firmly in my mind that your face has a shape that corresponds with each note. As I’m going away from the process on this to the results in regular stuff (now yours is regular stuff too) I am noting that there seems to be a particular amount of air…[Read more]

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    If you need please send to my e-mail address. A4audinut@gmail.com..
    I have some specific questions which might confuse others as much as me and a screen to screen might clear up some things. Ive been playing long enough to know this is working. I worked something similar (point of strain/difference) with Jim Manley but as you probably know his…[Read more]

  • a4audinut replied to the topic Allegro in the forum WindWorks 5 years, 9 months ago

    Seems to me when I do process I never achieve the speed I do when I go for results, and I think this is ok. I try to make everything as hard as I can on myself when I practice process and was a good bit surprised when I found that my limit without strain was e in the staff. It helps me to do these exercises at even less than passive breath which…[Read more]

  • Greg
    I may be taking this further than I should but I have been doing harmonic slurs going from low to as high as I can using as little air as possible and trying to refine shape. Also trying to use no push. When I first started doing this I could only do e at top of staff before I started kicking and using more air. I have worked this for about 3…[Read more]

  • By changing (dampening) the rate of vibration. Sometimes when I get sloppy or tired I will get the tongue thru the teeth on occasion and I can hear the slightest flattening of the tone. My goal is to have the notes sound like a bell rung with a mallet, same tone with only slight interruption. Kind of like when Greg does the tube and balloon thing…[Read more]

  • I have just the opposite problem and I work hard to tongue more distinctly and clearly concentrating on pitch. It might help you to practice legato without breaking the tone and keeping the breath even for awhile. I don’t know if anyone else uses this approach, but when I discover a tendency I don’t care for, I sometimes try something exactly…[Read more]

  • a4audinut replied to the topic Shape question. in the forum WindWorks 5 years, 10 months ago

    Thanks for elaborating on this. When I asked the questions I hadn’t yet started the Andante section, I now have and my questions were quickly answered and your note explained things to a greater degree. Ive been really working each section thru hard and spend at least 1 hr a day on your stuff. Doing it this way and in a kind of meditative m…[Read more]

  • Greg
    I know that the aperture assumes a shape for each note depending on the air we use. I think that I am starting to discover that the shape inside the mouth also can be altered. By relaxing the jaw and allowing a “larger space inside the lips” the lower register is fuller “more resonant”, by the same (or similar) token when I tighten the che…[Read more]

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