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      Ive got a horn that is my everyday that has a changeable leadpipe system meaning I can change leadpipe bore while leaving all other dimensions of the horn the same. There are 7 pipes going in order smallest to largest as follows – 4T 2T 0 CEL 20 40 and 60. The 0 and CEL surround the Bach 37 pipe, others with smaller or larger gradient. I had always played with the CEL pipe and if I wanted something with more hi end I used the 2T. I recently popped the 60 pipe in and was amazed just how much less push it took to play the horn when I was getting note shape right. It seemed I was sounding 1 more harmonic before feeling pressure than before??? I don’t understand this but I am going to stay on the pipe for awhile to see if my observation has any basis in reality, but it feels easier on the larger pipe.
      this setup allows you to change the feel of horn and effects sound less than feel but I did notice a deeper sound with it. I play a narrow shallow mouthpiece with a 25 throat. Horn body is .460 bore straight thru and a large 5.25″ solid silver bell, so it blows big anyway. I have to say this – before I started on Gregs stuff and began zoning in a bit on shape, I had no range or endurance with the 60 pipe, now it feels great. Anyone else found that playing bigger setups is easier/better?? im too early in discovery to tell but it feels promising. just feels like the horn isn’t adding to the problems this way???

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      Never mind, I cant say that this was much more than a different feeling, and it really didn’t last. It now seems I tire quicker on this huge pipe. Going back to the most comfortable, and that may change over time but ill bet it wont be a huge change like this was. It felt good for a short while??

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