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      I may be taking this further than I should but I have been doing harmonic slurs going from low to as high as I can using as little air as possible and trying to refine shape. Also trying to use no push. When I first started doing this I could only do e at top of staff before I started kicking and using more air. I have worked this for about 3 weeks and can now sound notes to hi e but at whisper volume. If I kick and use more air it becomes a hi g about 60% of the time. Is playing as softly as possible and trying to avoid the kick or push and rely only on shape something I want to keep doing. It has made me very aware of shape and that is bleeding into my other practice and play. But as I have a tendency to beat dead horses to mush I wanted to ask. I have seen a lot of awareness out of it, and I am starting to get a feel for the set of each note (more a few note range right now, individual awareness is not there yet. I am also noting an increase in strength of the corners and the bottom lip is starting to go forward on slurs upward (never noticed that before). I’m on Andante step 5 and purposely trying to move slowly to absorb as much as possible, I’m sure you address something about this in future, I just would like to know if I’m doing something ill regret later?

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      Greg Spence

      That all sounds perfect Rod. Develop it softly then as you increase volume and duration, be sure the feeling of the BCH (Body’s Concert Hall) is maintained.

      I encourage everyone to push their limits but to stay utterly mindful to recognise any choking and overexertion.

      The deep psychological messages you are sending yourself are gold!

      I saw a horrendous wikihow page taking about how to play high notes on the trumpet. Holy s#*t I got cranky, it is SO destructive having arrows pointing at an animated set of 6 Pack Abs encouraging harder and harder in reference to range.

      You are weening yourself away from this approach and developing a healthy understanding of WHAT you should be doing and HOW it shoukd feel.

      Stick with it!!!


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