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      Im sure the answer is just a few lessons from where I am now (have been most of the time) but I move slowly and want to ask how to accelerate learning the shape for the different notes (from G to hi E right now needs help). For me it seems when I find the right shape (lips,tongue, jaw, etc. whatever you put into your definition of shape) the need for push and more air seems to be less important. This is very new to me (like last year) and a lot of things I had been told but didn’t seem to work made some sense. I am wondering if anyone has an exercise to help develop this ‘correct shape for each note” Im starting to think is key to a lot of this for me. Correct me if im barking up a rotten tree, it wont hurt my feelings. Bu.ut so far when I have found a familiarity with the shape of a note eliminating tension is much easier and all of the teachings come thru

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      Greg Spence

      Hey Rod, the SHAPE of every note is explained and developed as you progress through the course. If you are freely playing everything in the Foundation Level, then it might be time to graduate to the Premium. The course is designed intentionally to eliminate as much negative tension as possible before moving on. As you said, the answers most definitely lie ahead. Cheers, Greg

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