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Hey Greg and the WindWorks team,

The course is a fantastic aid and supplement to brass development of any level. Personally I play the Tuba and purchased a couple of MTM Books for myself & my brass friends. Your demonstrations of theories and concepts are very well explained and delivered, and can be applied to any brass instrument. Also the way the course is structured helps to break down an overwhelming topic into something a beginner can digest, and promotes developing good daily practise routine and technique.

Sadly as I am not a professional musician (I dont get paid for performing or teaching), A monthly subscription to advanced sections of WindWorks are out of my budget. If there was a yearly pricing model or a cost model that would allow me to choose certain course sections for a year that would be more beneficial. Also because the price is in $US, the exchange rate of the $AU may cause the costs to increase or decrease month to month.

However, overall, keep up the excellent work. And I will be encouraging more or my Brass comrades to consider your Courses. Thanks and keep giving us your best sounds!

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